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Our Services

Consultations are complimentary so don’t hesitate to come and see us for a quote
Additional Charges

All our service prices can vary depending on clients wishes, hair thickness and length. 


Inclusive Space

All our services and pricing are gender neutral. Anyone is welcome here. 


Silent Appointment

Don’t hesitate to ask us for a silent appointment. If you would prefer quiet time in the salon without conversation to relax just let us know!


Deposits And Cancellations

A deposit may be required for appointments exceeding $300.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, a 35% fee of your appointment will apply.

Please understand when your appointment can't be filled why we have to charge a small fee.

Sustainable Salons

Did you know $3 of your appointment cost goes towards Zen recycling 95% of our waste? Read more about Sustainable Salons on our website!


Short from                                             $48

Medium from                                        $59

Long from                                             $69

Extra Long                                            $80

EXPRESS FINISH blow-wave only, no finishing or styling 


Short from                                              $42

Long from                                              $53


Cut & Blow-dry  from                            $90

Restyle Cut from                                   $101

Barber Cut, Wash, Style from               $60

Under 5 Cut from                                  $34

Under 12 Long Hair Cut from              $49

Under 18 Long Hair Cut from              $65

Teenage Barber Cut from                    $49

Fringe Trim from                                   $10

COLOUR SERVICES excluding cut/blow-wave price

Regrowth                                              $96

Short                                                     $112

Medium                                                $128

Long                                                     $148

Extra Long                                           $169

Short Creative from                            $122

Medium Creative from                       $142

Long Creative from                             $162

MULTI-DIMENSION COLOUR excluding toner/cut/blowwave prices. Use of multiple colours, vivid tones or some lightening

Short Creative from                          $128
Medium Creative from                     $149
Long Creative from                           $170


FOILS excluding toner/cut/blow-wave prices

1/4 head from                                  $70 (parting, money piece, baby lights)

1/2 head from                                  $112

3/4 head from                                  $139

Full Head from                                 $175


Extra product charges may apply


BALAYAGE/OMBRE excluding toner/cut/blow-wave price

Medium from                                  $139

Long from                                        $181

Extra Long from                              $202


Extra product charges may apply

GLOBAL LIGHTENING excluding toner/cut/blow-wave


6 Week Maintenance Regrowth from            $107

6+ Week Regrowth from                                 $148

Short from                                                        $133

Medium from                                                   $160

Long from                                                         $191

Extra Long from                                               $232


We strongly recommend booking a consultation

for a quote 

WEDDINGS all trials are 30% off

Bride Hair Up                                                  $184

Bridesmaid Hair Up                                        $105

Flower Girl                                                       $55

OCCASION HAIR UP please come with clean, washed hair

Blowwave & Style                                           $69

Simple Hair Up                                               $80

Detailed Hair Up                                            $101

KERATIN SMOOTHING excluding cut/blow-wave

Short from                                                       $191

Medium from                                                  $207

Long from                                                        $244

Extra long from                                               $275

GLOSS/TONER excluding additional services


Extreme Short from                                        $27

Medium from                                                  $43

Long from                                                       $64


TREATMENTS excluding additional services


Wash & 10 Minute Massage                        $38


Moisture Experience                                     $26

10% glycerin helps to replenish softness and nourishment 


Protein Amino Experience                           $32

9% cationic acid & amino acids improve strength & repair breakage 

Deluxe Bonding Experience                        $37

Custom acidic bonding experience with moisture & protein 


Sensory Deluxe Bonding Service                $47

Relax with a 5 min hot towel experience with essential oils & a 5 min head massage. Includes custom acidic bonding experience with moisture 


Great Lengths Keratin Bonded Extensions. Please call us for a consultation regarding our Keratin Bonded hair extensions.

Here at Zen we only offer the best extensions on the market, Great Lengths. These are handcrafted in Italy and every strand has been donated willingly with the full consent of the donor. Great Lengths is 100% ethical and traceable, they are the only company that sources and processes their own hair.

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