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"ZEN is a way of being"

Zen has been created to be all about you, our guests. We offer an environment different to anything you have experienced before, come and relax in one of Dunedin's most beautiful historic terrace houses.

Our team of exceptional award-winning stylists provide deluxe services tailored specifically to you and your desires. At Zen we encourage our guests to explore their individuality and what makes them unique.

Our stylists are passionate about being up to date with new trends through education and competitions so that we can offer you the very best. We look forward to meeting you.

Meet our stylists!


Meet Liana  |  Co Director

Tell us a bit about you as a stylist
I have been in the industry for 11 years and I love the creative side of hairdressing and education. Currently I am a Redken Educator for New Zealand. I have won NZ Hairdresser of The Year, Apprentice of the Year and a few national and regional accolades. I continue to seek education and qualifications to grow my skills. Being a hairstylist is my greatest passion and that is something my clients can feel. 


Favourite thing about your career?

Oooh do I only get to pick one?! Of course I love my clients and working on the salon floor but I have to say my favourite thing is competitions, photo shoots and working alongside industry greats. I love to feel inspired!


Your hobbies outside the salon?

I really value spending time with my friends. Either exploring NZ, drinking wine or going for dinners. I would consider my friends my favourite hobby!


Best vacation you've been on and why?

Recently my best vacation was the hens do of one of my very best friends. Myself and my closest, longest standing 3 friends went to Auckland we literally did the female version of The Hangover. We did winery tours at Waiheke Island, stayed at the Hilton, went to drag show cabaret and had the most fun together since we had at high school. I have never laughed so much!


Something no one knows about you?

My parents were honestly going to call me Pebbles, like off the Flintstones!


Worst style choice?

Oh there have been plenty but one definitely comes to mind. I remember one mufti day at school when I was about 13 I planned this outfit which consisted of a tutu over my jeans, a belt with a big bow that matched a big bow in my hair, plastic colourful beaded necklaces and a purple mullet. There is photo evidence of this too!


Career Accolades

  • NZ Industry Awards Colour Concept Winner 2022

  • Otago Hairdresser of The Year 2019

  • Wella Trend Vision Finalist 2018

  • Hair Expo Finalist 2017

  • HITO Apprentice of The Year 2016

  • World Skills NZ Winner 2016

  • NZ Next Gen Hairdresser of The Year 2015,  2016


Other Career Highlights

  • Worked backstage with Redken at NZ Fashion Week and NZ Vodafone Music Awards

  • Presented on stage in Australia at Hair Expo

  • Assisted at Redken Tribe in Melbourne and The Collective in Auckland

  • Redken Balayage Expert Certification 

  • Worked with Redken as an Artist facilitating education  

Meet Haley  |  Co Director

Tell us a bit about you as a stylist
I have been in the industry for 25 years so I have plenty of experience. I would describe myself as bright,  bubbly and passionate about my clientele. I  love having them feel like the very best version of themselves!

Favourite thing about your career?
The people! I have an amazing clientele of interesting, wonderful people whom I love spending time with. My happy place is on the floor with my current and new clients.

Your hobbies outside the salon?
I have quite the houseplant addiction with over 80 plants. I love watching them grow, change and their leaves unfold. They are my babies and potentially filling the void of my teenage baby not needing me as much. 

Best vacation you've been on and why?
Thailand! I had the chance to spend an entire day with 4 rescued elephants. We fed them and walked them through the jungle and just watched them in their natural habitat. They are truly majestic animals to be around, and so forgiving towards humans after being treated so badly

Something no one knows about you?
I did ballet for 7 years. Anyone who knows me is shocked because I am pretty heavy on my feet and I have no spacial awareness!

Worst style choice?
Just take a look back at fashion in the 90s, that was me! Pretty coats over jeans, glitter, a tonne of hair gel and that was just one outfit!


Meet Ashleigh  |  New Generation

Tell us a bit about you
I have been in the industry for a little over a year now, getting a lot more experience under my belt and refining my basic skills. There’s nothing quite like just having a good old fashioned try at new things and it really has been a life changing experience so far. My favourite colours to do are vibrant copper reds, deep rich violets and a delicious chocolate brown is a classic I will never get sick of. I've now started my career on the floor doing basic cutting and perfecting my colouring before moving into blondes. I’ve finished my first year of my apprenticeship and entered my first ever NZ Industry Awards last year too! I have learnt so much but have much more to go. I could not be more excited to see what the future holds and the people it brings to me! 

What makes you excited about starting your hairdressing career?
I like to think I’m a super creative and ambitious person and what better industry to utilise these quality’s than hairdressing! I’m no stranger to fun cuts and colour myself, I’m really excited to finally be on the other side of the chair. But most importantly I’m excited to make people feel like I do every time I leave the salon, refreshed and renewed.

Your hobbies outside of the salon?
Honestly I really like my down time, when I can just chill out and relax but when I’m in the right mood I really love to cook. With the last couple lockdowns it was one of the things that kept me sane!

Best vacation you've been on and why?
As a kid I travelled a lot to see my family who live all around the country but my favourite holiday would have to be a camping trip I went on with my partner and best friend to Ranfurly. We camped 2 nights at a campsite there then decided last minute to drive up to Queenstown for a night, no idea where we were going to sleep but just the experience was worth it.

Something no one knows about you?

I’m actually deathly scared of chickens. Shhh, don’t tell anyone! 

Worst style choice?

Oh it would definitely have to be back in school, it was like if jay jays and hunting and fishing had a baby!

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